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Editorial Perspective

Editorial Perspective

Welcome to STL Web Matters. This is an occasional report of news & opinion related to the Web as a business tool for local business owners in the Saint Louis Metro area.

You’ll see topics about: social media; web listings, directories & search engines; profiles on companies I feel represent The Best of Saint Louis; and, The Small Business Saturday Initiative. I’ll also spotlight good Saint Louis websites as I find them.

Special Note: Are you a blogger or would you like to be interviewed for this publication? Guest bloggers who have something to say about how small and medium size businesses can use the Web to gain a competitive advantage are welcome and encouraged. Also, if you are the owner of a Saint Louis-based business and want to be interviewed about your experiences with Web tools, I’d very much like to hear from you (and so would my readers!). Please contact me through my website .

How to Get Listed (if you must) on CitySearch

How to Get Listed (if you must) on CitySearch

There are more web designers out there than sticks floating down the Mississippi. So that’s why I listed my business on CitySearch because all my competitors will certainly do it. Even though it’s very unlikely I’ll get a call from someone who found me on CitySearch (because I don’t advertise on CitySearch), I just couldn’t stop thinking of all those other sticks. And, I’m a natural optimist.

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