Map on mobile phone showing CitySearch as a point of interest.There are more web designers out there than sticks floating down the Mississippi.  So that’s why I listed my business on CitySearch because all my competitors will certainly do it. Even though it’s very unlikely I’ll get a call from someone who found me on CitySearch (because I don’t advertise on CitySearch), I just couldn’t stop thinking of all those other sticks. And, I’m a natural optimist.

Here are the steps:

Before starting, be sure you’ll be available to answer the confirmation phone call from InfoGroup after you submit your business information.

It’s okay if you only have a post office box, but if you work out of your home, skip to the next set of instructions.

  1. Skip the CitySearch website altogether. Instead, go to
  2. Type the name of your business (or its primary phone number) in the search box. If the listing isn’t found you’ll be asked to follow a link to register it. If it is found, you’ll have an opportunity to “claim the listing,” and correct any misinformation.
  3. The link takes you to the Submit A Place page. After you fill in the short form, you’ll get a phone call to confirm your submittal.

Congratulations, your business listing has just been registered with not only CitySearch, but also with all their partner companies. It could take as long as 90-days for your listing to show up, depending when the next data-feed update is scheduled.

Here are the other steps:

  1. Send an email to with your company name, website URL, email address, and phone number. Explain that ExpressUpdate was unable to process your listing because you have a mobile business.
  2. An InfoGroup agent will call you to confirm the information. It took the agent who called me a couple of minutes because he had to put in a series of over-rides. I believe I got this call the day after I sent the email with my request.

Who & What Is CitySearch

The CitySearch website is business directory populated by “Captains” and “Scouts” who are local people (paid by?) CitySearch to review businesses. You can post reviews too if you set up a profile account. They actually have a big button to help you do this on the upper-right corner of their website. It reads: “Login/Join.” CitySearch is also part of a giant advertising and data collection network. See more about this below.

Other Interesting Facts I Found

CitySearch (and their partner site’s) have an impressive reach. CitySearch and Insider Pages are owned by mega-online-advertiser CityGrid Media. Through just these two websites CityGrid reaches 30 million consumers monthly. Beyond this, CityGrid partners with 450 websites and mobile partners who offer various kinds of services from travel booking (Expedia & Hotwire), and more review & directory sites (MerchantCircle & Urbanspoon), to quasi-academic sites (Thesaurus , Reference)  to newsy sites such as The Daily Beast and Blogline.

Those websites get their data from InfoGroup. ExpressUpdate is a subsidiary of InfoGroup.

ExpressUpdate supplies data to governments, public libraries, in-car navigation systems, web search engines (except for Google), and most of the online directories (Yellow Pages, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, Mapquest, etc.). Their purpose is to collect and sell data, similar to their parent company, but they also package this data into end-user products such as email marketing campaigns.

Big data. Why fight it? From here on out I want to be known as PatriciaScott (formerly known as Patricia Scott) so I can become a subsidiary too.

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