About Registering a Domain Name

The most important first step in planning a website is choosing a domain name because this is the first marketing decision you’ll make–determining how you’ll be represented on the World Wide Web. A domain name may be purchased any time, so it’s a good idea to secure one even if you’re not yet ready to build your site. Check the current price list for the available types of domains.

What exactly is a domain name?

A domain is an address on the World Wide Web for a website. In marketing terms, think of it as a billboard advertising what a visitor can expect to find on your site. Browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari) use them to find your particular website. Domains are organized into types such as .com for commercial sites, .org for non-profits (although this isn’t regulated), .me for personal sites, and many others. Examples of domain names are harvard.edu, usps.gov, and ford.com.

Think carefully in choosing a domain name

Catchy business names are useful because they help customers remember you. This is a pretty good strategy for domain naming too. Another tactic is to choose a name that describes who you are, or what you can do. What kind of product or service do you have to offer? If your company’s marketing efforts focus on excellent customer service, try to come up with a name that points to this high service standard. A descriptive, memorable name can do more than almost anything else to attract visitors to your site.

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